Recipe: Beet Tzatziki Sauce



Recipe Preparation

For the beets

1. Heat a convection oven to 350°F.

2. Trim and peel beets.

3. Wrap each beet individually. Start with a layer of parchment, followed by foil.

4. Roast beets on a half sheet tray, lined with a roasting rack at 350°F for about 35-45 minutes or until just tender (a paring knife can be inserted into the beet’s center without resistance).

5. Cool the wrapped beets.

6. Remove the foil and parchment, then rough chop and reserve.

For the sauce

1. Purée all ingredients except the dill in Vitamix blender (or equivalent) until smooth.

2. Pour the sauce into a small stainless steel mixing bowl and whisk in the chopped dill.

3. Refrigerate in squeeze bottles for service. 

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