Nordic Beet Salad


5 oz. plate


Recipe Preparation

For the beets

1. Preheat the convection oven to 350°F.

2. Trim and peel beets.

3. Wrap each beet individually. Start with a layer of parchment, followed by foil.

4. Roast beets on a half sheet tray, lined with a roasting rack at 350°F for about 35-45 minutes or until just tender (a paring knife can be inserted into the beet’s center without resistance).

5. Cool the wrapped beets.

6. Remove the foil and parchment, then cut the beets into quarters or eighths (depending on size), and reserve in a deli container for service. 

For the radish and fennel

1. Shave the fennel and radish (1/16 inch) and reserve separately in ice water. 

To prepare à la minute:

1. Place the bagel seasoning on a piece of deli paper.

2. Dip one side of each cut beet into the seasoning to coat that side, then plate accordingly.

3. Place dots of the beet tzatziki around the beets.

4. Shingle the shaved radishes and fennel next to the beets and garnish with fennel and fresh dill.

5. Add crunchy Parmesan tuile on the plate for some added height and texture, and serve immediately. 


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