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Gordon Food Service leverages a third-party software, RangeMe,  to submit your product offerings to us. As category reviews occur, or the need arises, buyers will review products and vendor information entered on the RangeMe site.

Please note that registration and submission in RangeMe is free. A RangeMe fee based package is not required.
Clicking any of the links below will redirect you to RangeMe to create a vendor profile.

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You further acknowledge that: (1) your use of third-party sites is entirely at your own risk; 
(2) any activities you engage in or disclosures you make on third-party sites are subject to the terms and policies of such sites; (3) GFS has no control over and is not responsible for the terms, policies, operations, actions, or omissions of third-party sites or their operators or agents, including as to data usage, data privacy, data security, communications, or compliance with applicable law; and (4) GFS is not liable for any claim that may arise in connection with your use of third-party sites, or for any direct, indirect, consequential, incidental, special, or other damages or losses of any kind that may result, regardless of the legal theory on which such claims or losses are based.

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