Recipe: Marinated Cremini Mushrooms



Recipe Preparation

1. Heat a convection to 425°F.

2. Clean the mushrooms, leaving the stem on, and place in a large stainless steel bowl.

3. Whisk together the olive oil, thyme, rosemary, garlic, shallots and crushed red pepper in a second stainless steel bowl.

4. Toss the mushrooms with 4 oz. of the herb oil to coat and season with salt.

5. Bake the mushrooms on a sheet tray lined with parchment for about 15 minutes, rotating the sheet tray halfway through. Ensure the mushrooms are golden and not over-baked or dried.

6. Cool the mushrooms slightly.

7. Simmer the white wine vinegar and brown sugar in a pot, stirring to prevent scorching the sugar. Reduce by half.

8. Whisk in the rest of the herb oil blend and stir to warm through.

9. Add the roasted mushrooms back to a stainless steel bowl and pour the vinaigrette over the top. Cool under refrigeration.

10. Finish with lemon zest and parsley after cooling. Stir to coat and place in a stainless steel bowl just large enough to hold the mushrooms, so the vinaigrette covers them.

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