Halperns’ Angus Beef

A Family Tradition

An Unmatched Beef Experience

Halperns’ Angus Beef has clearly defined specifications by the USDA that make it superior to regular Choice graded beef.

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Halperns’ Angus Beef Promise

Halperns’ Angus Beef delivers an unmatched experience for beef aficionados with the superior marbling delivering juiciness, tenderness, and crave-ability.

Halperns’ Angus Beef: Sourcing from a single plant in Colorado gives Halperns’ Angus Beef unmatched consistency, quality, and flavor.

10 Reasons to Choose Halperns’ Angus Beef

Halperns’ Angus Beef cattle are raised by a carefully chosen selection of family ranchers who share our passion for premium-quality beef. They understand and implement the steps required to meet the 10 quality specifications we insist on for the brand.

Modest or High Marbling

Only the upper two-thirds of USDA Choice beef meet this standard and just a small percentage of all the Angus Beef produced in the U.S. qualifies. 

Medium or Fine Marbling Texture

Flecks of fat, evenly dispersed inside the muscle are referred to as marbling, which adds flavor, tenderness and juiciness.

"A" Maturity

Only animals 30 months and under qualify for this standard, which helps ensure exceptional tenderness.

Ribeye Area of 10-16 Sq. Inch

Disqualifying animals that fall outside this size range adds additional consistency.

1,050-lb. Max Carcass Weight Restriction

Compact loin size provides the ability to cut a thicker steak.

Less Than 1 Inch Fat Thickness

Improves your yields.

Lean Color, Texture, Firmness & Overall Skeletal Characteristics

Prevents the inclusion of dairy cattle influence into Angus breeding.

No Hump Exceeding 2 Inch

Prevents the inclusion of dairy cattle influence into Angus breeding.

No Dark Cutters

Prevents the inclusion of dairy cattle influence into Angus breeding.

Practically Free of Capillary Rupture

Lower grades of beef may display dark, bloody spots that indicate capillary rupture – Halperns’ Angus Beef never does.

Single-Source Quality Control

We achieve exceptional quality and consistency, because we source all of our Angus beef from Greeley, Colorado, the birthplace of modern-day cattle feeding. For nearly a century, family farms have taken advantage of Greeley’s clean mountain water, cool nights and abundant corn production to raise healthy, wholesome cattle.

For Beef Aficionados

Every Halperns’ cut delivers premium tenderness, juiciness and extraordinary layers of buttery beef flavor—rich and complex, with reliable consistency and a mouth-pleasing texture in every bite. A true beef aficionado will seek out Halperns’ Angus Beef.

Halperns’ Steak and Seafood Packaging Change

Halperns’ Steak and Seafood is making some improvements to the quality of their packaging and modernizing the design of their boxes across the brands they produce.

Halperns’ Angus Beef

Halperns Angus Beef delivers an unmatched experience for beef aficionados with superior marbling delivering juiciness, tenderness, and craveability.


Halperns’ consistently provides the highest quality meat and seafood available, offering precision to exacting specifications and superior performance that Chefs and restaurateurs are confident in preparing for their guests.

Davis Creek Meats® by Halperns’

Davis Creek Meats provides consistently good quality value-added meat and seafood with a farm to table appeal.

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Halperns’ Angus Beef is available exclusively to Gordon Food Service customers. 

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