Senior Living & Healthcare Food Supplier

We’ll help you meet nutrition goals, manage costs and deliver quality foodservice.

Because Great Food Matters

You’re making the meals that create memories. We’re the team supporting your mission. At Gordon Food Service, we serve those who serve the world.

The Products & Expertise You Need to Nourish Your Customers

With the health of your customers in your hands, a team as committed as you are to nutrition and quality service can be a lifesaver. Whether you’re running an assisted living facility, hospital, or institutional healthcare program, with GFS, you’ll have best-in-class support to manage the complexity of nourishing your customers. What does that look like?

  • The highest quality goods, delivered when you need them
  • Best-in-class service and support
  • Business consulting, menu planning, and inventory support
  • Tools and technology to streamline your service
  • A passion for food. A passion for nutrition. A passion for helping people.
Older people eating at a dinner table

Support From Day One

Your healthcare operations are complex, get the support you need to bring ease to nourishing your customers.

There’s no need to jump through the hoops of regulations or manage dietary restrictions alone while also trying to keep your menu exciting and nutritious. Our dedicated team is on standby to ensure that every obstacle you face is met with support and solutions that keep customer satisfaction first. 


We’ll help carry the load of managing the logistics of getting food on the plate for the people you care for.

The Standard for Premium Products and Services

Quality products and service mean everything when you’re feeding people looking to you to sustain or improve their quality of life. At Gordon Food Service, you’ll have a healthcare food supplier that delivers the same level of care you give to your customers – to you. 

Going Beyond Just a Healthcare Food Supplier

You’ll get your choice of high-quality products delivered when you need them. You’ll get a full-service support team on hand to answer any question. And you’ll also get the vital tools you need to run your business.

Woman in healthcare kitchen opening cooler door to take inventory

Our Brands

Our signature brands ensure that you’re putting the best food on your tables.

Menu Planning

Culinary consulting and nutrition resources, cycle menus, and more.

New Products

Stay up-to-date with the newest offerings at Gordon Food Service for you and your business.

Digital Solutions

Digital tools to help you and your business succeed. Whether you need help creating menus that nourish your patients properly or help you manage your inventory, we have the tools for you.

Food for Thought

Thought Leadership To Feed Your Business Needs

Beyond Food: Sustainable & Affordable Supplies

Select from service items-plates, glasses, linens, table lighting, and mores to create the ambiance you desire for your customers.

We Know What Your Customers Deserve

Quality care, service, and food. We’re committed to being your number one resource for providing just that.

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