You’ve created a Monster!

Your guests will freak out for monster milkshake eye-candy
Gourmet milkshakes topped with cakes

Who’s in the mood for a mountainous monster milkshake? The better question: Who isn’t?

Have customers check their Fitbits at the door and get ready to indulge. Call them whatever you want—Hyper-Shakes, Gourmet Shakes, Freakshakes, Frankenshakes, Wicked Wonders—just get ready to build a monster that’s fun and messy and delicious. They’re a scoop of ice cream heaven. 

These milkshakes are Instagram gold, piling on the flavor with towering delights that tempt the taste buds. The sinfully sweet combinations are limited only by the imagination. For operators, they’re a big opportunity to capitalize on the craving for customization.

Allowing customers to tailor shakes using flavor and topping combinations encourages purchases and satisfies the desire for uniqueness. The base for any shake can include the classic Neapolitan flavors—vanilla, chocolate and strawberry. These three are favorites of consumers 18 and older (Technomic Flavor Consumer Trend Report). 

Because presentation is everything, splurge with crazy delights. Dust the serving plate with cookie crumbles. Encase the tall glass with colorful breakfast cereal. Top the whole thing with a doughnut, gummy worms, candy bars, fruit slices, pretzels, popcorn … and did we mention sprinkles?

You can even experiment with spices, like cinnamon or hazelnut. For the gourmet crowd, there are opportunities for shakes with coffee, tea, peanut butter or avocado. And if it suits your business, treat adult customers to boozy milkshake concoctions trending at ice cream “barlors.”

The opportunity is, in a word, rich. Only 11% of full-service and 14% of limited service restaurants are churning out shakes (Technomic). Visit Online Ordering or Ask your Sales Representative how you can capture monster shakes on your menu using Gordon Choice vanilla (Item No. 788805), chocolate (Item No. 442683) and strawberry (Item No. 587362) ice cream. 

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