Who Dines Out the Most? Gen X

This small generation sticks together—give them the group experience they crave.
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Generation X is easily overlooked. They’re tucked between the very influential boomers and millennials. But they’re an adventurous bunch. They were the original video gamers and they grew up in an era when technology exploded onto the scene. When it comes to eating, they visit a variety of restaurants, and they are especially drawn to places where there is a fun, upbeat atmosphere that caters to group experiences. Yes, they appreciate a convenient location and a good value, but a Flavor & the Menu Sept/Oct. 2014 report claims Gen X is less worried about finances while eating out than any other group. This makes them trend-setters worthy of understanding. 

Who is Gen X?

From a pop culture to politics, you’ll recognize them: Adam Sandler, Nicole Kidman, Rachel Ray, Jay-Z, and Paul Ryan to name a few. The things that have shaped their world also are familiar:

  • School shootings
  • 9/11
  • Technology

Generational Differences in the Workplace, Horizon Health

Growth Flavors

Gen X are curious diners, ready to try new tastes. Add some of these flavors to menu items you already feature:

Menu Magic Words

Certain words speak volumes to Gen X. They’re especially drawn to menu selections that include the words:

A Flair For Adventure

Gen X, like other generations, loves their pizza and burgers. Still, a larger percentage of this generation say they enjoy more exotic foods:

A Generation On The Go

Gen X is more likely than any other group to order restaurant delivery.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Everyone wants to have a good time, and restaurants can make that happen for Gen X by:

  • Having a restaurant atmosphere that’s fun and upbeat.
  • Creating a menu or ambience that’s good for groups.
  • Serving preferred beverages.

State of the Industry, Technomic Inc., 2013

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