What’s in a burger name?

Catchy burger names on the menu speak volumes about your creativity.
Two hands holding a large beef burger

If you build it, will they come? When it comes to burgers, building it is just a matter of construction. But a burger naming also is an art … and a big part of the attraction.

There are many avenues for choosing burger names. You can play off your operation’s theme, honor family members, get edgy, or simply stick with straightforward names that prevent elaborate menu explanations.

Keep it simple

Park Burger (Denver, Colorado): Park Burger, Mini Park Burger, Double Park Burger, Veggie Park Burger, Buffalo Park Burger, and the Turkey Park Burger.

Fritz’s (Kansas City, Missouri): Old-Fashioned Hamburger (grilled onions, mustard and pickles), Twin Old-Fashioned Hamburger, Triple Old-Fashioned Hamburger, Quad Old-Fashioned Hamburger, and the Kitchen Sink Burger (a twin Old-Fashioned with lettuce, tomato, grated Italian cheese, grilled onions, mayo, hot sauce, pickles served on a seeded bun).

Name names

Shelley’s Kitchen (Wyoming, Michigan): Shelley Burger, Tony Burger, Terry Burger, Lisa Burger, and the Bish Burger (all named for restaurant employees and family members).

Boogie’s Burgers (Calgary, Alberta): Shawn’s Burger, Jebb’s Burger, Sam’s Burger, Keith’s Burger and Doug’s Don’t Fear the Reaper Burger (four beef patties, four bacon slices, an all-beef weiner, cheddar, fried egg, sauce, and a bun pierced by a mini corn dog).

Theme it up

The Burgernator (Toronto, Ontario): Sergeant Burger, Lieutenant Burger, Commander Burger and the Baconator Burger. It also serves Burgers of Mass Destruction: Captain Jerk, Drop Down and Give Me Spicy, The Bazooka Jr., Fully Loaded, Atomic Burger and their chicken patty named “Hasta La Vista, Birdie.”

Get edgy

Stoopid Burger (Portland, Oregon): Stoopid Burger, Crazy Burger, Luni Burger, Silly Burger, Wacky Chicken, Dummyaki Burger, Stoopenduz Burger, Ignorant Burger, Boring Burger (basic burger) and the Smart Burger (veggie burger).

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