What is the Mobile Kitchen?

You may have heard us talk about it, but what exactly IS the Mobile Kitchen?

Now more than ever it’s challenging to find time to step away from the day-to-day tasks and operations and focus on culinary innovation. Staffing, service rushes, and other commitments can get in the way of allowing leaders to focus on new ideas and innovations to drive more growth or creativity within their establishments. In response to these continued challenges, our culinary experts in Florida are taking to the streets to visit customers and deliver fresh, trendy menu ideas using an innovative approach – the Mobile Kitchen.

What Does the Mobile Kitchen Do?

Our test kitchen on wheels allows our culinary team to partner with customers to explore fresh ideas without needing to go off-site to accomplish their goals. Additionally, it allows any on-site staff to experience a test kitchen visit and assist their management team in idea evaluation. At the moment, the Mobile Kitchen is accessible to customers who live in central and south Florida across all sectors of business. Here are just a few of the ideas our Mobile Kitchen team has dished up recently.

The Resources That the Mobile Kitchen Has

The Mobile Kitchen has everything a back-of-house operation would need for any prep: a grill, fryers, fridges, and more. From demonstrating prep methods to plating and taste testing, the Mobile Kitchen provides the full experience of a complete test kitchen visit for restaurant staff with none of the hassle of travel or covering absences.

Using the Mobile Kitchen for Good

Since its debut, the mobile kitchen has also been used to serve the local community. It has served meals for organizations such as Hibiscus Children’s Center, Boys & Girls Club, and Wings for Wishes. In addition, the Mobile Kitchen has also been utilized to support university partners such as Bethune-Cookman University for various events and initiatives.

Get Involved With The Mobile Kitchen

Are you interested in booking a visit with our team in Central or South Florida? Reach out to your sales representative for more information. Not a Gordon Food Service customer yet? Click here to get started.

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