Summer Never Tasted So Light, Fresh and Healthy

Colorful, global-flavor recipes treat food as medicine in the most mouth-watering way

Summer is the season for fresh, light fare. What better way to bring that to the table than with light dishes that are high in nutrients and able to satisfy the desire for transparency and sustainability?

Help people eat for good, with meals that taste great and promote better health. It doesn’t take bulky, filling food to do the trick. Snacks, grab-and-go treats, fizzy drinks and fresh fruits and vegetables combine for craveable options perfect for summer enjoyment.

These recipes rely on such ingredients as ancient grains, nuts, fruits, vegetables and proteins that promote health and build healthy communities.

layered vegetable pave on a white plate

Vegetable Pave

Top beet chorizo with stunning layers of vegetable pave for a dish too beautiful to eat, but too delicious to resist. It’s served cold on a bed of watercress with green goddess dressing.

Sparkling Passion Fruit Refresher in a glass

Sparkling Passion Fruit Refresher

Pour passion fruit and mango tea on top of muddled berries and mint, then top with a splash of club soda for a summer mocktail filled with flavor.


Ancient Grain Snack Pack

Ancient Grain Snack Pack

Corn nuts, wild rice puffs and sorghum popcorn team up for a snack that mashes up Midwest and Indian flavors for an inspiring treat.

Copper River Salmon Salad

Copper River Salmon Salad

Sustainable Alaskan salmon is mixed with Boston Bibb and Romaine lettuce, then speckled with color and flavor from red onion, radishes and avocado. Top with a creamy miso dressing and serve with toasted French bread.

Alpine Muesli

Alpine Muesli

Berries, bananas, oats and more are prepared with vanilla almond milk for a sweet, colorful and hearty meal that’s as filling as it is healthy.

Overnight Swiss Muesli

Overnight Swiss Muesli

A muesli mix combined with vanilla Greek yogurt, vanilla almond milk, a Granny Smith apple and raspberry preserves is refrigerated overnight for a grab-and-go breakfast.

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