Single-Origin Coffee: Get to the Root of Flavor

Take customers on a journey into the world of coffee with global flavors. 
A farmer picking coffee beans with the sun shining through in the background

It’s strange to think, but your wine list and your coffee menu may have more in common than you think. You can thank the growing popularity of single-origin coffee.

Single-origin coffees come from one location—a country, a region, a farm, a crop. As with wines made from grapes grown in a specific region of France or California, single-origin coffee indicates a promise of consistency and quality.

None of this is to say blends are bad and single origin is good. There are many delicious blends out there, crafted by roasters with a focus on volume and economy. Some roasts can hide the true flavor of the coffee. Single-origin coffee offers distinct flavor notes.

For sophisticated coffee drinkers, flavor is everything. A National Coffee Association survey cited taste (94%) as the determining factor in choosing a coffee. With many complex coffee tastes available, single origins are driving a change in the way people consume coffee.

With single-origin coffee, it’s possible to feature distinct coffee characteristics with a story about the source behind each cup. This is important to some consumers as a way to sustain small farms and sustainable growing practices. To others, there’s an allure to sampling small-batch brews with unique characteristics.

For the coffee sellers, the growing popularity of single-origin coffee fits right in with the demand for gourmet offerings. Each cup can command a higher price, and the story behind the flavor profiles can increase value, consumer satisfaction and loyalty.

To meet the demand, Mosaic is offering two new single-origin coffees:

  • Guatemalan (Item No. 106250)
  • Ethiopian (Item No. 866370)

Each one is Rainforest Certified, offering customers the opportunity to explore the fresh flavors, aromas and attributes of this popular beverage. 

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