Roll Out the Briolle

Briolle on a plate

From the French tradition of egg-and butter-rich brioche pastries comes a revolutionary idea you can get wrapped up in—the Briolle. 

This combination of brioche and roll, developed by Gordon Food Service, uses Sienna Bakery Briolle Dough to create handhelds that can be filled with savory or sweet flavors. Tailor Briolles to the tastes of diners of any generation during any daypart in any foodservice segment.

“If you can roll pie dough, then making a Briolle will be a snap,” says Gordon Food Service Corporate Consulting Chef Gerry Ludwig, CEC. “Two people could make 100 Briolles in an hour.”

The process starts with a 2.4-oz. ball of Briolle dough. It’s rolled flat, coated with egg wash, and filled with ingredients limited only by your imagination and kitchen resources. It’s then folded together, sealed, rolled into a coil, brushed again with egg wash, placed in a lined muffin pan, sprinkled with sesame seeds, poppy seeds, shredded cheeses, spice blends, or the garnish of your choice, and baked.

“It’s easy to execute; there’s no need to proof the dough,” says Gordon Food Service Product Specialist Dennis Rynicke. “And you can build an entire concept around it.”

Briolle, Ludwig advises are best prepared fresh daily. When ready to serve, all it takes is a quick warmup in a 350ºF oven. That makes Briolles a great option for takeout, kiosks, cafeterias, and C-stores, as well as dine-in customers looking for a quick bite.


Roll models

Here’s how to roll with Briolle.

Reinvent the Reuben. Bake pastrami, sauerkraut, and Swiss cheese in Briolle dough. Serve with Russian or Thousand-Island dressing.

Change up your cheeseburger. Roll ground beef, caramelized onions, chopped dill pickle, and American cheese into Briolle dough and bake. Serve with a creamy signature ketchup.

Reshuffle off to Buffalo. Fold braised chicken, Buffalo sauce, and celery relish into Briolle dough and bake for a new way to satisfy Buffalo-wing cravings. Serve with blue cheese or ranch dressing.

Go veg-centric. Bake artichokes and feta cheese in Briolle dough for Mediterranean-inspired handheld.

Break in an indulgent breakfast or brunch pastry. Fill Briolle dough with blueberries, cream cheese, and streusel.

Endless options

Easily adaptable and customizable, the Briolle can be a powerful menu differentiator. Build sales with signature Briolles targeted to your customer base. Enhance profitability by running cost-effective seasonal Briolle limited-time offers that create buzz.

“One town near me had a peach festival, so an operator took advantage of the seasonal tie-in with peach Briolles,” says Gordon Food Service Customer Development Specialist David Nestor. “Another restaurant is planning a lobster Briolle.”

Use flavorful, crunchy toppings and unique dipping sauces to add a signature touch.

Whatever you create, Ludwig calls the Briolle an exciting proposition for both operators and diners. So, go ahead, let them eat Briolle. 

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