Revitalizing Kitchens, Protecting the Planet: How InnoServ is Transforming Washware and Beverage Equipment


Dishwashing and beverage machines are crucial for food service operations, yet their substantial initial costs can be shocking. These high expenses place a significant burden on businesses that strive to maintain exceptional cleanliness standards and outstanding beverage programs. Faced with stringent hygienic regulations and the demand for quality refreshments from customers, the choice often seems limited to purchasing brand-new equipment. But is that the only option?

InnoServ is revolutionizing wash ware and beverage services with its remanufacturing operation, rebuilding used machines to offer Gordon Food Service customers more affordable solutions—while also mitigating harmful impacts to the environment:

Landfill Reduction: Remanufacturing keeps equipment out of landfills, preventing the release of toxins into the soil and water as machines decay. Each year, InnoServ’s specialists remanufacture more than a thousand commercial dishwashers and 4,000 pieces of beverage equipment, effectively diverting them from landfills.

Material Conservation: Facing significant growth, the foodservice, hospitality, and healthcare sectors are driving up the demand for dishwashing and beverage equipment. InnoServ’s remanufacturing initiative conserves essential raw materials that would otherwise be depleted in the production of new machines. This approach not only makes refurbished machines more cost-effective but also more environmentally friendly.

Energy and Waste Reduction: The production of new equipment demands substantial energy, from mining to transportation and every step in between. In contrast, InnoServ’s remanufacturing process dramatically cuts energy consumption and waste, thereby reducing greenhouse gas emissions and conserving valuable resources with each rebuilt machine.

InnoServ’s commitment to remanufacturing not only extends the life of materials but also ensures that equipment performs as reliably and efficiently as brand-new models. Achieving an impressive quality rating of 98% satisfactory, this underscores InnoServ’s unwavering dedication to sustainability and customer satisfaction.

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