Thai Chicken Broth Bowl


1 12-oz. serving


Recipe Preparation

1. Cook the pasta ahead of time to al dente and strain in a colander.

2. Shock the noodles with ice water to stop the cooking process. The noodles can be reheated in the hot broth for service.

3. Place the broth and noodles in a serving bowl and add the pulled chicken.

4. Carefully slice the 6-minute egg in half the long way and place it yolk-side up in the broth nestled with the pasta so the yolk stays above the broth line.

5. Garnish with radish slices, julienned scallions and peanuts.

Note: You can substitute a hard-boiled egg for the 6-minute egg.

Meal Pattern Equivalents: 2 oz. grain, 3 ½ oz. meat/meat alternate, ½ cup dark green vegetable

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