Southern Fry Thigh Sandwich


24 14-oz. servings


Recipe Preparation

1. Place the chicken on a parchment lined sheet pan. Season to taste with salt and pepper. Place in a heated 325°F convection oven. Cook until just cooked through. Allow to cool uncovered. Place in a storage container and refrigerate until needed.

2. Prepare as needed for service. Place 1 qt. of  dry batter mix and 1 qt. of water in a stainless steel mixing bowl. Whisk together until smooth. Cover until needed. Place 1 qt. of batter mix in a stainless steel half pan. Cover until needed.

To prepare à la carte:

1. Place 2 chicken thighs in the dry batter mix. Coat evenly on both sides. Shake off any excess mix. Dip the thighs in the prepared batter. Allow excess batter to drain. Place the thighs back in the dry mix and coat evenly. Shake off any excess mix.

2. Deep fry the chicken thighs in a heated 350°F deep fryer. Cook until golden brown and just warmed through. Allow to drain. Warm 2 oz. of ham on a flat griddle or grill.

3. Toast the inside halves of the bun on a heated char grill. Spread with ¾ oz. of mayonnaise on the top and bottom half of the bun. Place 1 ½ oz. of pickles on the mayonnaise. Place the thighs and pickles on top of the pickles. Spread 2 oz. of pimiento cheese on the inside of the top half of the bun. Place the bun on the sandwich.

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