Smoked Pork Belly Piadina


Makes 8

Prep Time

1 Hour


Recipe Preparation

  1. Season the pork belly with the oil

  2. Mix black pepper and BBQ seasoning together

  3. Apply seasoning all over the pork belly

  4. Smoke pork belly for 1 hour at 160*F (71*C)

  5. Pull, reserve, and let cool down

  6. Cut into 2 oz slices

  7. Lightly grill pork belly and baste with gochujang sauce

  8. Cut pizza dough ball into 1.5 oz portions and stretch each portion into a small flat bread about 6” across

  9. In a cast iron skillet or nonstick pan grill each circle till lightly brown on each side and reserve warm for service

  10. Put cucumbers in a strainer, put salt over them and let sit for 12 minutes

  11. Mix vinegar, sugar and water together.

  12. Mix all other ingredients and reserve

  13. Lightly press cucumbers and then put into the pickling liquid, let sit for 12 minutes

  14. Remove cucumbers and mix with reserved other ingredients

  15. At service use one piece of flat bread place 1 oz of pimento cheese in the middle spread out, 1 piece of pork belly nicely glazed, and 1.5 T of cucumber salad for each small sandwich

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