Roasted Cauliflower Bagna Cauda


24 14-oz. servings


Recipe Preparation

1. Slice the cauliflower into bite-size florets. Place the florets in a stainless steel mixing bowl. Drizzle the bagna cauda over the top of the cauliflower. Season with salt and pepper and toss.

2. Place the florets on a parchment-lined sheet pan. Place the pan in a 350°F convection oven. Cook for 20 minutes or until tender and lightly caramelized. Allow to cool uncovered. Place in a covered storage container, label, date and refrigerate until needed. 

To prepare à la carte:

1. Spray 3 peppers with pan spray. Place on a heated char-grill and char on all sides. Cook until just warmed through.

2. Place 8 oz. of roasted cauliflower on an oiled baking pan. Place in a heated 350°F convection oven and cook 8 minutes or until warmed through. 

3. Sprinkle 1 oz. of balsamic pickled raisins and 1 Tbsp. each of pine nuts and fried capers atop the cauliflower. Place the peppers on the plate next to the cauliflower. Spread 5 parsley leaves over the cauliflower.

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