Potato Pancakes


Makes 4

Prep Time

10 Minutes


Recipe Preparation

  1. Using a box grater, grate both onion and potato in a bowl
  2. Add salt- mix thoroughly and let stand for 5 minutes
  3. Squeeze excess moisture and place the mixture onto a cloth to wring the remaining moisture
  4. Transfer the mixture to a large bowl and add the remaining ingredients
  5. In a small non-stick pan over medium heat, place enough oil to cover the pan
  6. Divide the recipe into 4 portions. Place a portion and press firmly into the pan and ensure that it covers the entire pan, cook until golden brown on both sides and the interior of the pancake is cooked through
  7. Place pancake on a plate, drizzle, teriyaki and pickled ginger aioli on top
  8. Break up nori pieces into a spice grinder add salt and grind until the nori forms a powder and place on top of the pancakes with sliced chives

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