Recipe: Salsa Macha



Recipe Preparation

  1. Add the chopped blanched peanuts, chipotle powder, ancho chile granules, smoked paprika, nutritional yeast and salt to a stainless steel mixing bowl.
  2. Heat the olive oil to 350°F in a 2 qt. saucepan.
  3. Add the garlic and fry until golden brown. 
  4. Remove with a mesh skimmer and place in a small conical strainer.
  5. Bring the olive oil back up to 350°F and pour it over the peanut and spice mixture, stirring to incorporate.
  6. Cool the mixture at room temperature.
  7. Fold the fried garlic into the cooled peanut and spice mixture. Place in a glass jar with a fitted lid. 

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