Kale Kushari Bowl


1 16-oz. bowl


Recipe Preparation

1. Cook pasta until al dente and strain in a colander. The cooked pasta will yield about three times its starting weight.

2. Shock the noodles with ice water to stop the cooking process. The noodles can be reheated in simmering water nested inside a strainer for service.

3. Warm the rice to order using just a little water in a sauté pan, gently heating it until the water is gone and the rice is warmed through.

4. To plate, add the shakshuka to a serving dish, followed by the warmed noodles and the kale mix nested on top.

5. Add the heritage rice and garbanzo beans.

6. Garnish with the puffed quinoa, pickled turnips, kalamata olives and tahini paste. Serve immediately. 

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