Classic Plant-Based Cheeseburger


1 burger


Recipe Preparation

1. Preheat a flat-top griddle to 350°F and a broiler or salamander to high.

2. Season the Lightlife burger with salt and pepper and place on a greased flat-top griddle.

3. While the patty cooks, place the hamburger bun on a quarter-sized sheet tray and gently toast under the salamander, keeping the cut side up until it is golden brown.

4. Cook the burger for about 3 minutes on one side, flip, and cook for 1 minute more.

5. Place the cheese on the patty, and with some water in a squeeze bottle, add a little bit of water surrounding the patty and cover immediately with a basting dome lid to lock in the steam. The cheese should melt in about 20 seconds.

6. While the burger is cooking, add the sauce to the cut side of each bun.

7. Lift the dome and remove the patty from the flat-top grill.

8. Place the bottom bun on a plate, followed by the cheeseburger. Then add the pickles and lettuce and place the top of the bun on the cheeseburger.

9. Serve immediately.

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