Black and White Sando


1 6-oz. serving


Recipe Preparation

1. Preheat your salamander or boiler.

2. To assemble the conbini, use two uniform pieces of bread.

3. Place the bread on a quarter sheet tray and lightly toast one side under the salamander or broiler and reserve.

4. Lay the bread slices side by side on a cutting board, toasted-side up.

5. With the black sesame spread in one pastry bag and the whipped cream cheese in another, dedicate 1 slice of bread to be the black side of the sando and the other the white. Pipe out both in a linear fashion and smooth out on the tops of each slice with a spatula.

6. With the preserves in a squeeze bottle, ensuring the tip has a wide enough opening, quickly zig zag the preserves on both the black sesame and the whipped cream cheese slices.

7. Marry the two halves together to form a sando, but do not press together.

8. Cut the sando in half diagonally.

9. Place the two triangular slices upright and keep them side by side.

10. Place on a serving plate or inside a clear sandwich wedge and serve immediately.

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