Beef and Vegetable Pho


1 17-oz. bowl


Recipe Preparation

1. Place the rice stick noodles in a large stainless steel bowl and cover them with warm water. Once softened, strain the noodles in a colander or strainer and rinse them under cold water. Reserve for à la carte service in desired portion bags under refrigeration. The dry noodles should double in weight after soaking.

2. Trim the brisket, removing the vast majority of the fat. Place the brisket on a half sheet tray lined with parchment and par freeze just enough to firm it up for easy slicing. For quickest results, add the brisket to a manual meat slicer, adjusting the dial to the thinnest setting that leaves the shaved pieces whole. Once the brisket has been processed, reserve in portion bags and refrigerate until needed.

Note: For an easy alternative, use Gordon Choice cooked philly meat slices (Item No. 710831). Add to the pho broth once it has reached a simmer. This will reheat the thawed philly slices immediately for service.

To prepare à la carte:

1. Keep the pho broth on the hot line in a steam well or soup kettle at 165°F to 195°F. It must be very hot, as the broth will cook the shaved beef and heat through the vegetables.

2. Ladle the broth in a shallow sauce pot and heat on high over direct heat.

3. Add the beef, noodles, bok choy edamame and mushrooms. Bring the broth to a quick simmer.

4. Pour the pho into a serving bowl and finish with the garnishes (basil, cilantro, shaved jalapeno and scallions). Serve with a lime wedge on the side.

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