Alpine Waffle Iron Croissant


1 sandwichsand

Prep Time

5 minutes


Recipe Preparation

  1. Heat a waffle iron to medium high.
  2. Add 1 oz. of shredded gruyere cheese to the inside bottom of the sliced croissant, followed by the shaved ham and another 1 oz. of gruyere cheese.
  3. Spray the waffle iron with pan spray (top and bottom), and sprinkle ¼ oz. of shredded gruyere in the bottom of the waffle iron where the croissant will go.  
  4. Close the croissant and place the sandwich on the bottom grate of the waffle iron, sprinkling the top of the croissant with the remaining ¼ oz. of gruyere.
  5. Close the waffle iron and cook the sandwich for 3 minutes (or as directed by the waffle iron maker).  Ensure there is enough pressure to create waffle grooves in the sandwich. 
  6. To plate: Transfer the sandwich to your desired serving vehicle with a ramekin of fig jam.

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