Premium Frying Oil Offers Benefits for Takeout and Beyond

Color, flavor and fry life are advantages that please customers and save money.

As operators experience a high demand for takeout and delivery, they’re looking for ways to provide high-quality fried foods customers crave. The solution may be as simple as switching from economy oil to a premium frying oil.

Gordon Signature Simpli-Fry Oil is a high-performance blend of high oleic canola, corn and soybean oils, designed to provide three things operators need most:

  • Twice the fry life of commodity oil, offering efficiency and cost savings.
  • Better flavor and appearance of food, thanks to the oil blend.
  • Minimal flavor transfer when fryers are used for fries, chicken, fish, etc.

“Foods fried in Simpli-Fry have a golden-brown color, a slightly sweet flavor profile, and they maintain their food quality from a flavor and appearance perspective for longer periods,” says Irv Williamson, a Corporate Account Manager at Cargill Corp. “When the finished product is higher quality, it helps build repeat business,”

Whether operators are using their fryers more often or less often, premium oil is a smart choice, he says. When the fryer is not in use because volume is down, high-performance oils maintain their quality. When volume is high, the oil lasts longer.

The key operator advantage of a premium oil like Simpli-Fry is long fry life, Williamson insists. “If you change your oil on Thursday, you can get through the weekend or a busy period safely with a premium oil.”

A high-performance oil may cost more, but a $35 oil that lasts twice as long actually costs less per day to use than a $20 commodity oil. Plus, it saves labor with reduced fryer cleanouts and promotes safety by not having to change oil as often.

“Simpli-Fry has a strong brand identity and customers are aware of it,” Williamson says. “Once operators switch to Simpli-Fry, they generally don’t switch back to commodity.”

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