Mosaic Coffee: Brew for Change

The inclusion of Thrive Farmers beans delivers great flavor and a positive impact for growers.
Mosaic Coffee: Brew for Change

Coffee is one of the world’s most celebrated beverages, people are passionate about it. Mosaic is turning up the excitement with blends you’ll treasure for more than just its flavor. We’re now featuring coffee that truly makes a difference.

Without altering the taste of the Mosaic coffee your customers love, this brand now sources 51% its beans from Thrive Farmers, offering a story of a better life for coffee growers with every cup.

No matter where coffee is served, there’s a feel-good story you can serve with the Mosaic-Thrive Farmers blend. 

Thrive Farmers practices a direct-trade program that provides more income and a sustainable lifestyle to the people who harvest the beans. It’s a business model that provides more than three times the benefits of Fair Trade practices, investing more in the process, the people and the communities where coffee growing is a way of life.

Building a bridge to the agricultural supply chain assures sustainability for the growing traditions and preservation of environmental standards, all while resulting in great-tasting coffee that comes from each bag of Mosaic coffee. It’s quality that’s a direct result of being committed to farmers and practices that go back for generations.

All coffee beans are thoroughly inspected so they meet quality specifications before entering the roasting process. We use a small-batch roasting technique and a proprietary gas-removal process that provides superb flavors, quality and consistency in each brew.

Ask your Gordon Food Service Sales Representative for ways to share the story of the Mosaic Coffee.

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