Millennials are on the Rise

Win the heart of this diverse generation by customizing their favorite foods.
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Millennials value a wide variety of flavors and dining experiences, and you may be surprised how easy it is to tailor your operation so it appeals to their desires. The best part? It’s within your budget. Capitalize on the vast potential of this age group by tweaking their favorite foods, many of which are already on your menu. The same goes for dining experiences. Your operation probably already features many of the attributes millennials want most. The trick is making sure customers see it and embrace it. 

Who are the Millennials?

They are the most diverse of all the generations, and their attitudes have been shaped by topics and events such as women’s rights, high energy costs, recession, and war.

  • Often depicted as slackers, they are self-reliant and like to work alone.
  • They value flexibility and freedom, especially at work.
  • They are likely to have as many as a dozen jobs in their lifetime.

Generational Differences in the Workplace, Horizon Health

Growth Flavors

Go ahead, make a millennial’s day—add these flavors to items already on your menu:

Menu Magic Words

Sometimes all it takes to win a customer’s heart and appetite is the right description. Millennials say these are words that speak volumes:

The Millennial Dining Experience

You don’t need to be the flashy gastro hotspot to be appealing. Millennials visit a variety of restaurants, and the attributes they crave are within the grasp of any operation. It’s important to find your brand and your voice, stick to it, and make sure customers know you’re speaking to them.

  • Millennials value opportunities for menu customization. 60-70% of millennials say appealing taste and flavor are most important when selecting a restaurant.
  • Better-for-you options may bring them into a restaurant, and a lack of healthy fare may keep them away.
  • 84% of millennials said freshness is most likely to influence their food and beverage purchases, with 41% saying they will pay more for freshness. Millennials also say health-halo callouts such as “local,” “natural,” “authentic,” and “premium” influence their food-buying decisions.
  • Prepaying and buying food at kiosks appeal to millennials more than any other generation. Nearly 60% say they would use call-ahead or online ordering for delivery or takeout, and 45% want tools to let them to see the progress of their order.
  • Fairness matters: 61% of millennials say they would be most likely to visit a restaurant that treats employees well—providing good working conditions and livable wages.

The Generation Consumer Trend Report, Technomic Inc., 2014

Favorite Foods

Pizza and burgers. No surprise, everyone craves them at times. Here’s an opportunity to give millennials other foods they say they would order regularly:

Feeling Satisfied Yet?

Here’s what millennials say most helps them feel satisfied at a restaurant:


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