Marketing Your Restaurant to Gen X

This group watches for adult- and family-friendly dining environments with adventurous menu options.
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Tucked between the influential baby boomers and millennials, Generation X is an adventurous bunch who grew up in an era when technology exploded onto the scene. They’re drawn to a variety of restaurants, and often search for places with a fun, upbeat atmosphere. According to Flavor & the Menu, Gen X is less concerned about finances when eating out than any other generation – making them a generation worth understanding.

Who is generation X?

Born between 1966-1976, Generation X makes up 14 percent of the total U.S. population, bringing more than $125 billion in spending power to the table. Their world has been shaped not only by technology, but by school shootings and 9/11, which has helped them to learn to thrive with chaos and change.

Advocates of the work-life balance, they look for restaurant atmospheres which allow them to separate from the stresses of their daily lives, meaning they’re bold, adventurous diners, with a craving for signature cocktails.

The best part is, you might already be set up to market to this generation.

How do you market to generation X?

Generation X is looking for the perfect marriage of adult-friendly and family-friendly restaurants, below are some ways to can market your restaurant, and your menu, to Gen X diners:

Growth flavors. A generation of curious diners, Flavor & the Menu reports that lime, ginger, posto, and mesquite/smoky flavors are making an appearance on Gen X’s wishlist. Adding some of these flavors to dishes already on your menu can be a simply way to capture their attention.

Global dining. Like all generations, Gen X loves pizza and burgers, but a larger percent says that they enjoy more exotic flavors. 66 percent of diners enjoy Mexican cuisine, while 63 percent enjoys Chinese, and approximately 30 percent are craving Japanese cuisine or Mediterranean.

On-the-go. More likely to order delivery than any other generation, freshness and speed matter when serving to Gen X. 54 percent say a convenient location is key. Technology has played a key part in on-the-go convenience as well, as 43 percent of diners say they use technology more today than they did two years ago, and 14 percent of Gen X members with smartphones say they use their devices at least once a week to look up nutrition information.

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