Make Biscuits Less Basic: Three Creative Ways to Use Biscuit Dough

Get creative with Gordon Choice Biscuit Dough. Chef Steven Halliday can show you how.

Looking for a way to update the classic biscuit that will add both interest to your menu and value to your back-of-house operations? Chef Steven Halliday presents three distinctive recipes that leverage Gordon Choice Southern Style Biscuit Dough (Reorder #698520) with ingredients you may already be ordering for your kitchen. With an emphasis on quality and taste, these recipes are easy-to-execute palate-pleasers that add interest and innovation to the menu.

Caramel Apple Biscuit Pull-Apart Bread

This pull-apart bread offers a straightforward yet delightful dessert option for your patrons. With its comforting combination of sweet caramel and tart apples, it provides a down-to-earth addition to the menu that provides a comforting flavor profile but creative presentation. Serve à la mode with vanilla ice cream and a coffee-based nightcap on the side for a memorable dessert.

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Buffalo Chicken Biscuit Bombs

When you combine two things people love, you’re sure to have a winning combination. This delightful fusion of classic buffalo chicken dip and southern-style biscuits will be a crowd-pleasing appetizer – especially during the big game. Finish the pass by serving with a side of ranch or queso and celery sticks.

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Cranberry Pumpkin Brie Bites

Biscuit bites will always be a hit – one easy way Chef Steven recommends to customize them is with fruit and cheese. In this fusion appetizer, Gordon Choice biscuit dough is paired with creamy brie, pumpkin mousse, and cranberry relish – then baked and served warm. This version is best served with charcuterie, as a hors d’oeuvre or appetizer, and on the dessert menu. This recipe is highly customizable since you’re starting with biscuit dough and brie cheese. In the springtime, swap the cranberries and pumpkin mousse for fresh apricot cubes and almond mousse. During summer, grab some raspberries and pecans. For fall, try pears, cinnamon, and vanilla whipped cream. You can even create a savory version with garlic, caramelized onion, and herbs.

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