Let Healthcare Technology Tools Enhance Your Menu

Overcome pandemic challenges by bringing safety and personalized service to the table.

As they deal with pandemic challenges, senior living communities have maintained a commitment to foodservice health and safety. Technology tools have helped dining service programs adapt during difficult times.

Many communities have found it necessary to make changes to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19. Among those changes:

  • Closing or reorganizing communal dining
  • Shifting meal service to a non-select menu to reduce interaction
  • Eliminating or minimizing paper menus to reduce personal contact.

Technology tools offer advantages

Changes to meal times, places and structures often frustrate residents, and this can lead to eating and nutrition problems for residents and wasted food for your kitchen. Fortunately, there are technology tools available to help improve communications and reduce dining concerns.

As the pandemic challenges increase, this is an important time to understand helpful options. Cycle Menu Management  (CMM) is a web-based healthcare menu program geared toward senior living communities. CMM has two modules that can help support dining challenges occurring in your community.

1. Tray Ticket. This module connects residents to your menus, minimizing the need for manual menu adjustments, improving resident safety and satisfaction, reducing production shortages, and decreasing food waste. Tray Ticket tracks your residents’ preferences and allergies, which creates a resident-centered menu and dining experience.

2. Digital Choice Dining. This module uses a tablet to display a digital Tray Ticket and supports two unique ordering options. First, you can place orders table-side and select time of service for each meal. Second, you can take the tablet to residents’ rooms and capture orders for several days in advance. Regardless of the ordering option, your team starts with each resident’s specific menu, based on preferences, allergies and diet order. 

Take the modules for a test drive

Both options elevate the dining experience. They enhance safety and organize data. With resident-specific information, you promote better eating and resident satisfaction. 

To find out if Tray Ticket and Digital Choice Dining will help your dining program, we are offering 90 days at no cost. Try out these modules and learn how they support your processes and help improve the dining experience for your residents. 

Ask your Gordon Food Service Sales Representative or contact the Nutrition Resource Center to learn more about these CMM enhancements.

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