Lead the Plant-Based Trend with Craveable Spicy Cauliflower

Spicy Fried Cauliflower and celery

What was once just an ignored little white tree on the veggie tray is now ubiquitous, as a favorite alternative protein and grain. Cauliflower is leading in plant-based choices, from “steaks” to “pizza” to “rice.” Oprah loves it. TIME Magazine even called cauliflower the “The New ‘It’ Vegetable.” Capable of carrying many flavors thanks to its mild profile, it’s become a clear leader in the plant-based movement.

Asian flavors and spicy adventurous foods in general are another hot trend this year. Hook into both, and get your own creative juices going, by starting with fried cauliflower appetizers. The perfect balance of wholesome vegetable appeal and flat-out appetizer indulgence, kicked up a notch with a spicy flavor profile for a craveable, shareable good that brings people together.

Whether dusting the already-battered florets with flavor or creating dips and sauces to dunk them in, the options are endless. Provide an array of spicy dips and sauces, and throw in a garlicky yogurt sauce to balance out those spicy options (maybe even a little Ranch dressing for the kids)—and keep the whole crew happy.

Including your bottom line. 

Cauliflower flavor profiles to get your creative juices flowing

  • Indian: cumin, turmeric, coriander, chili
  • North African/Mediterranean: harissa, oil, garlic; pair with a yogurt sauce
  • Spicy stir fry: garlic, soy or coconut aminos, lime, green onion, hot sauce
  • Korean: use a premade Gochujang Sauce or make your own with chickpea miso paste, maple syrup, Korean chili flakes, coconut aminos or tamari, garlic, and sesame or avocado oil
  • Buffalo: hot sauce, pepper, garlic

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