Just for the Health of it, Good Nutrition is Worth the Effort

March is National Nutrition Month, with a focus on making informed choices and building good habits.
Colorful and nutritious fruits

Eating well should happen all year-round, but March brings extra attention by promoting National Nutrition Month. 

In the past, the month has been celebrated with a catchy theme. Last year, it was “Put Your Best Fork Forward,” a reminder that each bite counts. This year, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics has scrapped the theme concept, allowing National Nutrition Month to stand on its own as a message about the diverse topics involving nutrition and health.

The benefits of good food choices are clear: health, wellness, and a better chance at avoiding long-term chronic conditions such as obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure or Type 2 diabetes. 

Raising awareness about health and wellness helps consumers consider everything affecting nutrition—making informed food choices, developing wholesome eating habits, reducing waste, establishing consistent physical activity habits and much more. Gordon Food Service offers a variety of resources geared toward creating a healthy, flavorful menu that’s consistent with greater transparency and promotion of long-term lifestyle habits. 

In our National Nutrition Month Packet, you’ll find the following resources and more to help get you started:

The Health and Wellness Guide. Foodservice directors, chefs, servers and others in your operation should have an understanding of topics important to consumers. This guide provides an abundance of information, ideas, tips and guidance related to sourcing and preparing food.

Clear Choice filtering. Learn how to use the Clear Choice filters within Online Ordering to find products that contain cleaner ingredients, are responsibly sourced, sustainable or meet other labeling needs. Filters include No-MSG, Grass-Fed, Cage-Free, USDA Organic and many more.

Cycle Menu Management. This program contains over 5,000 different recipes. Use the search tips handout in this packet to find vegetarian recipes to add to your menu.

You will also find handouts, training topics and recipes to get started today on healthier choices on your menu!

For questions, contact the Gordon Food Service Nutrition Resource Center at nrc@gfs.com.

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