It’s More Than Farming, It’s a Livelihood

Farmworkers are vital to our world’s well-being—it’s time we gave back.

Without farmworkers, the food service industry would look immensely different. It’s our goal to help our farmers and farmworker partners flourish so they can give back to their communities and thrive, especially in the midst of the past year. So, we created Goodfinds by Gordon—a program put in place to empower companies and farming communities to do more good for others.

The communities and companies we look to partner with through the Goodfinds by Gordon program are ones that put people first, because we feel that giving back to those who give us so much is the least we can do. 

The program focuses on partnering with companies that employ fair trade practices to ensure farmers are mutually benefiting and prospering on their own. One of our partners, Thrive Farmers, demonstrates this value of investing in people. They’re fostering intentional relationships that directly benefit farmers. From the beginning to the end of the coffee sale, the farmers who produce the beans become shareholders—directly benefiting from their crop. This allows the farmers to maintain a predictable income every year, invest in the future of their business, and produce better-quality coffee.

As more farmers around the world are able to benefit from fair trade practices, so will their crops. This means you’ll get better-quality ingredients for your dishes and more satisfied customers raving about your fresh, delicious food. So, help us give back to farmworkers. It not only benefits them but can benefit your business too. All it takes is supporting them through your purchases. 

To learn more about the fair trade farms included in the Goodfinds by Gordon program, contact your sales rep or check out the list of brands

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