Honoring Earth Day: Goodfinds by Gordon Spotlights Planet-Forward Partnerships

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Inspired by the belief that food should not only taste good, it should do good too, Gordon Food Service® highlights the Goodfinds by Gordon program. The program’s mission is to partner with companies on the cutting edge of food service innovation to deliver customers meaningful food solutions that do good for communities, customers, and the planet. 

The first pillar of the program, purpose-driven, supports seeking companies developing meaningful, purposeful food solutions. These companies are re-thinking processes and food systems; creating innovative plant-based alternatives to be more sustainable; re-thinking approaches to agriculture by growing crops indoors, saving land and water; and ensuring farmers around the world are stakeholders in the entire production process.

The people-focused pillar means our experts scout companies that share community-first values, including supporting minority- and women-owned businesses, and family-owned farms that can thrive through fair-trade, fair wages, and more. 

Planet-forward, the final pillar, details the program’s commitment to savoring partners who are putting sustainability and the planet’s well-being at the forefront of their food production processes, whether through manufacturing, ingredients or packaging. 

Today we celebrate the good being done by our current Goodfinds by Gordon supplier partners and further commit to scouting, seeking and savoring more mission-driven partners in the future.

Atlantic Sea Farms is a regenerative seaweed aquaculture company that grows craveable and innovative products made from sustainably farmed sea greens. Kelp farming improves ocean health by removing excess carbon and locally mitigating effects of ocean acidification.

BrightFarms, Gotham Greens, NEIGHBRHD, and Revolution Farms grow greens year round indoors in a controlled environment for the freshest, most local produce possible. Their techniques use less energy, less land and less water than field-grown greens.

Camino produces fair trade organic chocolates made by an Ottawa-based, worker-owned cooperative that uses fair trade organic cocoa beans and sugar cane grown by small-scale farmers. 

Goodly makes great-tasting, wholesome food using surplus produce that would have otherwise gone to waste. Those slightly imperfect tomatoes, excess squash, oversupply of potatoes, beets and other hearty vegetables make nutritious soups and stews.

Loop Mission rescues perfectly good fruits and veggies that would have been thrown out simply for aesthetic reasons like shape and size and makes delicious and healthy products like cold-pressed juices, smoothies, and shots. Even the leftover pulp gets repurposed!

Mindful FÜD creates vegan honey alternatives from fresh-pressed organic apples that help protect the longevity of honeybees, thus helping the environment.

Rad Jamz utilizes “ugly” and surplus produce that would normally be sent to a landfill, and repurposes it to make their tasty jams and jellies, ultimately helping to reduce the business’ environmental footprint.

Tomato Bliss creates fresh, ready-to-eat heirloom tomato soup made from climate-friendly, regeneratively grown heirloom tomatoes that have better flavor, nutrition and are better for the planet.

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