Green and Clean: Finding Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

The products you use can answer the call from education foodservice consumers demanding sustainability and transparency.

At a time when young people are increasingly concerned about protecting the environment, it’s good for education foodservice directors to know there are earth-friendly options for the essential tasks of cleaning and waste disposal.

The words “chemicals” and “sustainability” don’t sound like they belong together. And when “garbage bags” and “green” are mentioned in the same sentence it sounds like a color choice, not a positive product claim.

But students at all levels—from K-12 to college and university—want to know what’s in the products used to clean the tables, scrub the floors, wash the dishes and remove the trash. Some are even concerned about how products are made or what happens after they’re used.

“Eco-friendly product options are available, it just depends on what the operator is looking for or how it fits their needs and budget,” says Tami Stob, North American Category Manager for Cleaning Supplies at Gordon Food Service.

Get products that match your goals 

graphic showing label logos for certificationsThe important part about choosing any product, Stob says, is making sure it can accomplish your cleaning needs and align with your sustainability story. “If it’s important to you and your customers to go green, our Sales Representatives can assess your options. You may learn it doesn’t make sense to choose compostable garbage bags if your waste hauler doesn’t have an avenue to dispose of it properly.”

Another factor to consider is cost. Stob notes that some sustainable products are more expensive because there’s more involved in the production and meeting regulations. But if your operation is trying to achieve sustainability goals or is sending a message about environmental stewardship, there are options at many price points—and the availability of products is growing rapidly as demand increases.

“We have everything from the most stringently regulated products down to something that meets reduced packaging needs,” Stob says. “It just depends on what you’re trying to accomplish.”

There’s a cleaning product for every job, but not all meet sustainability and transparency needs. The Clear Choice Program from Gordon Food Service helps your business tell its sustainability story by choosing products with specific label certifications:

  • Green Seal
  • Safer Choice
  • Environmentally-Friendly Reduced Packaging
  • USDA Biobased Certified

The choices you make give customers the transparency they need to feel good about doing business with you. Log into Online Ordering to find and select from a growing number of products with the attributes and third-party certifications you desire, or talk with your Sales Representative for more information about the Clear Choice Program.

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