Gordon Culinary Pro – Onboarding

Learn more about what is involved when getting started and set up with GCP.

Phase 1

Estimated Time: 10 days on average

Dedicated Guide: Customer Service Manager (CSM)

Kickoff Call (20-30 minutes)

Establish Customer Success Plan while setting up expectations, defining the next steps, and developing a list of milestones with dates for the next steps.

***Customer Success Plan is shared with the customer and lives within the “Docs” section of their Meez account.

Phase 2

Time: 4 Weeks

Dedicated Guide: Customer Service Manager

Email Reminders: Received weekly for 4 weeks

We define phase two as having approx. 50 recipes in Meez and purchase feeds have been established.

Message from CSM

Purchase Item Table (PIT) training video deployed & reminders weekly to begin/continue mapping ingredients. The support channel is available for questions.


Once your recipe upload project is complete and the PIT training has been completed, we consider the adoption process complete.

The cadence set for monthly Executive Business Reviews (CSM Check-Ins) has been established. Please note your attention is required 120 days prior to renewal.

Need Help Along The Way?

There is a team of support to help you through each phase of the onboarding process. Reach out to your sales rep for more information!

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