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The Goodfinds by Gordon Program Mission: To scout, seek and discover brands for you with meaningful food solutions that not only taste good, but do good too.

Atlantic Sea Farms: A women-run, mission-driven, vertically integrated regenerative kelp aquaculture company dedicated to making a powerful and positive impact on the health of our oceans by creating crave-able and innovative kelp products made from sustainably farmed sea greens, all while expanding opportunities for coastal communities.

Vital Farms: A certified B Corporation and ethically minded food company that offers a range of pasture-raised egg products in food service nationwide. They give their hens year-round outdoor access, support family farmers, enable customers to trace eggs back to the farm through their traceability feature, and help debunk misleading animal welfare claims through their messaging. You can always trust Vital Farms to be where honest food is raised.

Deibert Seafood: A multi-generational Chilean American company focused on pioneering technologies to produce sustainable, anti-biotic, and additive-free, Chilean Rainbow Trout that safeguards our local ecosystem. They raise the world’s leading sustainable Rainbow Trout through pioneering innovative technologies, using high-quality feeds, stocking at lower densities, and eliminating antibiotics and additives from their fish, all while giving back and employing members of their local community. 

Special Touch Bakery: A bakery featuring delicious pies that employ people of all abilities, providing Purpose for All, so every person can realize independence and self-sufficiency. Through their meaningful training and employment program, their bakers not only build and refine their skills but are paid a competitive wage for a job well done.

Tomato Bliss: Fresh, ready-to-eat heirloom tomato soup made from climate-friendly, regeneratively grown heirloom tomatoes that have better flavor, and nutrition and are better for the planet.

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