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The Goodfinds by Gordon Program Mission: To scout, seek and discover brands for you with meaningful food solutions that not only taste good, but do good too.

Bright Farms

Bright Farms is on a mission to give more people access to the freshest, cleanest and most responsibly grown produce available. They are committed to diversity and inclusion and bring year round agriculture jobs to communities around them. In just a decade Bright farms has grown from 16 acres to over 250 acres while keeping the environment and product quality in mind! They grow, harvest, and package indoors and they dont use any herbisides, pesticides or fungacides. Their salad greens are ready to eat, right out of the box!


Since 1909, Tillamook has been a farmer-owned dairy company producing high-quality cheeses and ice cream. Not only are they B-Corp certified, but they are also an industry-leading dairy manufacturer. They use high-quality ingredients to cultivate delicious products while keeping their environmental footprint in mind.

Mulay’s Sausage

Mulay’s is a well-respected, woman-owned, family-run company that creates delicious, better-for-you sausages and meatballs. They source crate-free, antibiotic-free, heritage pork sustainably raised on small family farms. They are the first and only meat company certified free from (CFF) the “Big 9” allergens while delivering outstanding flavor and quality.

Gotham Greens

Gotham Greens is an indoor farming pioneer and a plant-based food company on a mission to transform the way we approach our food system. They are a Certified B-Corporation and use 95% less water and 97% less land than conventional farms to grow all of their leafy greens, which makes them consistently sustainable, and pesticide-free. They also partner with local schools, community leaders and non-profits to put better food on the table through environmental, educational and community initiatives.


Meati Foods is working to unlock a more delicious, nutritious, equitable, and sustainable food system for everyone through their line of cutlets and steaks derived from mushroom root, a whole-food protein cultivated with a modernized version of ancient and natural processes. This approach to food will help preserve Earth’s ecosystems for millennia, while providing a quality product to customers.


Yolélé is an African foods company that highlights fonio, an ancient African grain that has been revered for millennia not only for its nutritional value and taste, but especially for its resiliency to heat and dry climate. Yolélé is dedicated to creating economic opportunities for smallholder farming communities through developing the market for this product in the US, within West Africa, and globally. Their goal is to showcase these regenerative, climate-smart, and biodiverse farming practices, while also celebrating the vibrant flavors of West Africa with the world.

Califia Farms

Califia Farms produces almond, oat and coconut plant-based milks and has a mission to create a future where plants replace dairy without compromise. They are immediately targeting zero waste through innovative packaging and eliminating plastic usage in their California facility. Through these efforts, they also want to be a positive force for people and communities through company financial and product donations, and volunteer service.

The Father’s Table

The Father’s Table is a privately owned, national dessert manufacturer located in Florida offering a vast product line including delicious creamy cheesecakes and cake rolls. Their goal is to make the best quality products at the most affordable prices while having a positive impact on the local, national and international community. The company supports this effort by proudly donating 50% of their profits to charities specific to women and children through The Father’s Table Foundation.

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