Go Global With Gravy

Chef Steven Halliday shares 3 incredible ways to use Gordon Choice Gravies.

Gravy isn’t just for mashed potatoes or Thanksgiving turkey. There are many ways you can incorporate it into your restaurant’s menu. Chef Steven Halliday presents three distinctive recipes that utilize new Gordon Choice Gravies as an ingredient to make hearty, delicious, and globally inspired menu items. Highlighting quality and flavor, these recipes are flavorful, memorable dishes, that introduce both interest and innovation to your menu.

Liberian Chicken Gravy

Liberian Chicken Gravy is an incredible stew that reminds us that gravy doesn’t always refer to a thick, creamy pour-over for biscuits or a brown au-jus made from meat drippings. In West African cuisine, gravy is typically associated with dishes that use vegetables to build rich stews or sauces for meats. Chef Steven’s take on Liberian Chicken Gravy uses a base of freshly made chicken stock, a bell-pepper tomato blend, and Gordon Choice Southern Skillet Chicken Gravy mix to create an incredible seafood-and-chicken stew. Liberian Chicken Gravy makes a warm and hearty main dish option for any menu looking to introduce globally influenced meals to their guests.

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Swedish Meatballs

Swedish meatballs are a well-known comfort food in the US, and they are one of the most famous culinary delights coming out of Northern Europe. With a varied history that started with a Turkish recipe in the 1800s, the version that many are familiar with today gained popularity worldwide thanks to Swedish furniture company IKEA introducing them as a menu option in the 1950s. Chef Steven’s interpretation uses Gordon Choice Southern Skillet Brown Gravy Mix in conjunction with a few key ingredients to make this an easy addition to your menu. You can get creative with how you serve these little delights – we opted for app-style and made them sliders, but you can serve them as a plate with mashed potatoes and lingonberry sauce, too!

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Creamy Southern Scalloped Potatoes

While the origin of scalloping potatoes isn’t known, potatoes au gratin is a French specialty thinly sliced potato casserole with cheese that made its way into Southern American cooking. The names “au gratin” and “scalloped potatoes” are often used interchangeably in the US, but some argue the distinction is that au gratin potatoes contain cheese and scalloped potatoes do not. Whatever your naming preference, Chef Steven’s creamy Southern Scalloped Potatoes use Gordon Choice Southern Skillet Country Gravy Mix as a sauce for thinly sliced potatoes baked with cheese, sour cream, and Garlic Onion Seasoning. It makes a perfect side dish addition to any menu.

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