Give People a Clear Choice on Transparency

Secret recipes are golden, but customers aren’t buying mystery ingredients.

Health, wellness, safety and product transparency have jumped from trendy to essential. More than ever, consumers value a window to awareness, and the Gordon Food Service Clear Choice program can help people feel good about their eating experience.

Your ability to explain about the foods you serve and the products you use builds satisfaction and trust at a time when it’s more important than ever. Some people want to know what’s in (and isn’t in) the food they eat. Others have diet restrictions or a desire to make decisions that benefit the planet and promote sustainability.

What is Clear Choice?

Clear Choice helps you find products that meet customers’ needs. The program highlights product attributes in seven areas:

  • Cleaner Ingredients — products with simple, recognizable ingredients with fewer additives.
  • Animal Care — products that meet animal care certification and farming best practices.
  • Sustainable Seafood — products sourced from fisheries that follow certified, sustainable management practices.
  • Ethically Sourced — products obtained using third-party certification to assure farmers earn a living wage.
  • Environmentally Friendly — products receiving third-party certification to protect the planet.
  • Dietary Attributes — products prepared in compliance with dietary standards.
  • Supplier Diversity — products made by business at least 51% owned, operated and controlled by women or ethnic minorities.

Why is Clear Choice important?

When you know what goes into products, you can communicate clearly with customers. It’s something they expect in an age when so much information is just a click away. Supporting their preferences for foods and products that carry personal, emotional importance sets the table for satisfaction — and return business.

A Technomic study done for a bioscience company prior to the pandemic showed 56% of consumers would stop visiting a foodservice location because of unclear food ingredient sourcing or negative news reports.

Clarifying transparency attributes helps customers celebrate what’s important to them: eating better, benefitting the planet and improving the future.  

Ask your Gordon Food Service Sales Representative about the Clear Choice program and how you can provide product visibility customers want.

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