GFSImpress adds style to customized branding

Use a personal touch with stickers, labels, coasters, boxes and more.
A selection of branded takeout packaging and drink coasters

Customers love to take home your restaurant’s branded drink coaster as a souvenir. When they order delivery food, it raises expectations when they see boxes with your logo. Those custom, branded products are just a click away at GFSImpress

Restaurants and creative chefs put a lot of effort into customizing culinary creations. But in the daily scramble to run a business, it’s easy to forget the many ways you can build goodwill and remind customers about your brand.

Simple to create solutions 

The GFSImpress site includes an extensive lineup, including these popular products:

  • Coasters
  • Plastic menus
  • Stickers
  • Clings
  • Labels
  • Signs and banners
  • Magnets
  • Takeout boxes
  • Business cards

Each item can be customized to include colorful artwork, images and text you can edit yourself to avoid design fees and plate charges. Fast and free shipping on most products means order should arrive in just several business days, says Toby Gebben, the Gordon Food Service Manager of Expanded Product Offering.

“This solution offers a simple, self-serve approach to uploading your logo easily, ordering in small-batch quantities with no minimum charges,” he says. “The runs can be very small on everything from stickers to pop-up tents.”

Branding and beyond

One of the big needs operators saw during the pandemic was branded packaging. Custom stickers provide a way to add branding to packages and create a tamper-resistant way to close bags or boxes.

Another benefit is the ability for restaurants to order just enough for a special promotion. In addition, caterers, event planners, retailers and others don’t need to store large quantities.

Scarpino’s Family Restaurant in Bradenton, Florida restaurant, ordered 50 stickers with QR codes that they placed on doors, windows, tables to link customers to a website menu. When big orders go out at the Italian restaurant, Chef Rocco Scarpino says he puts stickers on pizza boxes to encourage repeat business. 

The real game-changer has been savings on menu updates. “When the menu changes or prices go up, you can’t print a new menu every other week,” he says. The most efficient way to update his menu is to change the online version and direct customers there through the QR code.

The benefit of customization

Products aren’t limited to food sellers. In one instance, a home brewer ordered labels to customize his bottles. A lawn-care service provider ordered door hangers to promote their service around town.

The true benefit is customization. If you have to-go boxes and packaging you’re already invested in, you can put a bright, colorful logoed sticker on there and try it out. Start with a small roll, or buy it by the thousands to lower your cost.

Gebben says there will always be a promo code to help new users get started. Ask your Gordon Food Service Sales Representative for the current promo code and ideas to use GFSImpress products in your business.

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