The Future of Healthy Eating Looks Delicious

This collection of tasty recipe inspirations is built to satisfy a diverse audience.
Fresh vegetables on a table next to a chef accessing information on a tablet.

Healthy eating is different for everyone, from busy college students to post-discharge hospital patients. But meals can’t deliver nutrition and promote physical well-being if they’re not consumed. That’s why we’ve developed a recipe collection filled with flavorful, culturally diverse options.

For too long, healthy and boring seemed like the name of a combo plate. Today’s diet culture is about something more. People looking to achieve or maintain physical health don’t want to give up on the ethnic foods and flavors they love. Let’s call it a “feel-good” approach to dining.

Across the population, there has been an increased interest in culturally diverse dishes that showcase bold flavors from around the globe. These meals provide traditional ethnic favorites for some and a brand new taste experience for others.

In addition, there’s a growing interest in foods produced with sustainable farming practices and animal welfare in mind. Plant-based meals, with their variety of colors, textures and flavors, are more appealing than ever.

And don’t forget about convenience, increasingly important in today’s fast-paced world. Quick meals that maintain healthy and nutritious ingredients are sought out by diners of all ages, from students bustling between classes to patients leaving a hospital after an outpatient procedure.

Gordon Food Service has designed unique recipe collections to embrace the eating styles and desired health beliefs of today’s culture focusing on:

  • Vegetarian
  • Veg-centric
  • Global
  • Mediterranean
  • Animal welfare, non-GMO
  • Grab-and-go

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