Feast on Sicilian culinary influences

This Italian food speaks with flavor inspired by the passion of its people.

Italian culture is famous for its food, and Sicilian dishes are steeped in their own traditions. This makes them perfect for National Italian-American Heritage Month, celebrated in October.

In 1880, Italians migrated to the United States in great numbers to flee poverty in Southern Italy and Sicily. A little more than a century later, a special month was dedicated to honoring the achievements and contributions of Italian immigrants and their descendants living in America.

Sicilian food has its own unique qualities, even within the realm of Italian cuisine. Sicily, the largest island in the Mediterranean, is home to cannoli, citrus fruits, artichokes and plenty of other fresh, seasonal foods.

Although Italian culinary traditions differ by region, a common theme is simplicity and enhanced flavors.

Sicilians are known to show pride in using locally grown produce, harvested at peak times. In fact, limes and lemons are so fresh they often still have green leaves on them. Eggplant grows well in the region and therefore is used often in pasta recipes in place of meat.

This theme meal focuses on Sicilian cuisine where authentic dishes commonly center around fresh produce, seafood and olive oil.

Gordon Food Service Chef Profile

Chef Chris Vizzina

Chris Vizzina, Culinary Specialist
Alabama market

Chris Vizzina supports the Alabama market of the Southeast Division of Gordon Food Service. 

With over 30 years of culinary and foodservice management experience, Chris is committed to supporting customers by providing essential product knowledge, menu development support, trend insights and operational training. 

Chris melds his experience and passion for food with a dedication to educating others on the benefits of healthy cuisine with the goal of revolutionizing the customer experience.


Arancini di Carne

Appetizer: Arancini di Carne

Swordfish Pasta

Entrée: Pasta ai quadrucci di pesce spada, capperi e pistacchio

Video: See how pasta ai quadrucci di pesce spada, capperi e pistachio is made

Classic Cannoli

Dessert: Classic Sicilian Cannoli Filling & Shells

Sicilian Flavors Infographic


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