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Markon RSS produce helps operators trim prep time and labor costs.
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These days, every operator is looking for ways to save time, reduce costs and promote safety. Markon Ready-Set-Serve washed, pre-cut produce does all those things and more—it gives your chefs time to focus on creativity.

We asked four Gordon Food Service Business Solutions Specialists for insights on how Markon RSS produce can benefit your kitchen. Eric Schamp (Indianapolis), Juan Del Corral (Miami), Kathleen White (Springfield, Ohio) and Maria DeNicola (Plant City, Florida) addressed three questions:

1. In the current business climate, how do Markon RSS products help operators?

Schamp: With COVID-19 challenges, many operators are not able to staff and pay for positions like prep cooks. Markon RSS means not having to spend time and money cutting and prepping fresh fruits and vegetables.

Del Corral: In addition to labor savings, operators save money by maximizing the yield and shelf life of their produce. They also don’t have to clean and process the vegetables.

White: Almost every operator is struggling with labor. RSS products not only help operators save labor time, but they also reduce potential workers’ compensation claims. You limit knife use with ready-to-use products.

DeNicola: Food waste studies have shown produce preparation produced the most waste per pound. Markon RSS eliminates the worry about employees cutting fruit and vegetables inconsistently. The RSS calculator helps you compare yield savings and cost per pound between whole produce and RSS.

2. What can operators expect from Markon RSS quality and consistency?

Schamp: Markon RSS products guarantee quality by being part of a 5-Star Food Safety Audit Program, monitoring food at five levels–fields, grower/shipping facilities, transportation, distributor warehouses, your kitchen.

Del Corral: Operators and their customers expect great quality. Markon RSS provides reliable yields, tight specifications, easier portion control and consistent plate presentation.

White: Finding employees with the skills you need is hard in a tight labor market. RSS products give operators the opportunity to hire employees with a little less skill while providing product consistency and quality.

DeNicola: Markon produce processing facilities have consistent, professional food processing and HACCP standards for safety, consistency and quality with every serving.

3. What Markon RSS products offer quick wins for operators?

Schamp: Lettuce Blend (Item No. 206504) and Taco Lettuce (242489)

Del Corral: All mixed lettuces, such as chopped romaine (735787), insalata blend (185183) and  hearts and hearts (573061)

White: All chopped/shredded/diced products provide great consistency. My favorite salad mix is the heritage blend (152222), and the diced onions (198307) help limit the tears in the kitchen.

DeNicola: Broccoli florets (732478), chopped onions (834651) and iceberg lettuce (307660)

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