Everyone’s a Morning Person with All-Day Breakfast Foods

Lunch, dinner, snacks and dessert—breakfast foods are showing up all over the menu.
Breakfast waffle stack

The universal appeal of breakfast foods is being applied all across the menu—lunch, dinner, snacks and dessert. That’s because breakfast foods are both an appetizing indulgence consumers crave and an opportunity for operators to cross-utilize foods already in the kitchen. 

It’s an easy way to expand the menu, giving diners flavor options that come as a pleasant surprise. It’s also a great way to grow the menu without rewriting the recipe book or having to train staff on new cooking techniques.

Customers’ preference for breakfast around the clock is a great business building opportunity.  The National Restaurant Association reports 72 percent of all adults wish restaurants would offer breakfast items throughout the day.

Sure, you can offer and egg, bacon and toast dinner plate if diners want it. But there are more subtle ways to take breakfast ideas across day parts. 

1 – Toast

“We are now  seeing an entirely new category of savory toasts and grilled breads, primarily on full-service menus,” says Gordon Food Service Corporate Consulting Chef Gerry Ludwig, CEC. “One thing driving the opportunity is sharable and sharing plates.”

2 – Waffles

A base for both sweet and savory ideas. Top with flavored cream cheese and fruit for a sweet offering or create a breakfast-themed sandwich such as a waffle BLT topped with a fried egg during the lunch hour.  

3 – Bowls

“The bowl format is really flexible,” says Mike Stickler, Gordon Food Service Culinary Specialist. “There’s already a demand for options in grain bowls, porridge and colorful oatmeal that are topped with unique ingredients for texture, flavor, and eye-catching appeal.  
The popularity of breakfast flavors continues to make its way across all menu parts. No matter the type of operation you have, all-day breakfast foods are a great way to give consumers what they crave.

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