Employee Satisfaction Strategies for COVID-19

Best practices for improving healthcare and senior living foodservice staff morale
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The stress of adjusting to COVID-19 challenges affects your healthcare foodservice staff. To keep your team at peak performance, it makes sense to have an employee satisfaction strategy. 

Tackle staffing and scheduling

Scrambling to fill roles means all hands on deck. Reduce stress by posting sign-up sheets for other non-nursing staff (administrative, housekeeping, activities, etc.) to help with meal service.

  • Collaborate with HR to redeploy workers where there’s demand
  • Provide basic food safety and sanitation training:
    • Visit our food safety page (Gordon Experience login required) or ask your Gordon Food Service Sales Representative for food safety basics training resources

Improve staff morale

Increase visits with team members. Ask about their families and friends. Showing them you care is a comfort.

  • Daily team huddles improve communication
  • Increase recognition—honor an “Employee of the Week”
  • Implement an employee recognition bulletin board
  • Have dress-down days
  • Incentivize employees to remain in the building during breaks to decrease exposure

Provide food options

Occasional meals or free snacks in the break room are a welcome relief. Take it a step further and help out at home.

  • Offer micro markets that sell grocery staples and daily essentials
  • Create grab-and-go meals (including preorder, cashless payment and pickup systems)
  • Increase batch sizes from your standard menu offering so you have portions left to offer as grab-and-go portions
  • Sell Gordon Food Service Tastefully Balanced Meals

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