Disinfecting in the Time of COVID-19

Sprayed surfaces must remain moist for a period of time to kill germs and viruses.
Various cleaning supplies

How long can coronavirus cells survive on surfaces? They won’t survive at all if you properly apply a disinfectant. Depending on the product, it takes two to 10 minutes to wipe out germs and viruses, including COVID-19.

The ready-to-use Array TB Quat Disinfectant kills germs when surfaces are sprayed and allowed to remain wet for two minutes, according to John Holyszko, Regional Vice President of US Chemical. 

His team sells products, advises operators and provides training on cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing. He recommends these Array products for effectively killing a spectrum of viruses and germs, from tuberculosis to COVID-19. 

For products other than Array TB Quat Disinfectant in the 32 oz. spray bottle, the wet surface contact time is 10 minutes. This knowledge is critical to stopping the spread of infection, especially for healthcare, senior care and operations with vulnerable populations.

“This virus is extremely easy to kill on surfaces,” Holyszko says. “It falls under the family of SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome) viruses, and in order to make sure everything is killed, you need to have 10 minute contact time on surfaces.”

There’s uncertainty about how long coronavirus germs can survive on surfaces such as metal, glass or plastic. That’s why it’s important to follow label instructions on any product you use, Holyszko says.

“To totally kill any virus you need to use a disinfectant and not a sanitizer,” he says. “And a surface needs to remain wet for the recommended time … not sloppy wet, but damp.”

In all instances, Holyszko reminds users to follow the label instructions for effectiveness. And, if the label says it is effective against “Human Coronavirus,” that is a reference to the common cold, not COVID-19. 

No products have yet received approved labeling for COVID-19, but disinfectants effective against SARS-type viruses are effective, Holyszko says. 

As for the soft and porous surface of cardboard boxes handled during the distribution and storage process, Holyszko says there is no disinfecting product with a kill claim for soft surfaces.

Ask your Gordon Food Service Sales Representative about Array products available to protect the safety of your operation.

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