Culinary Training: Now You’re Cooking

Tap into the talent on your team with education that benefits them and your business.
A chef gets advice from a trainer in the kitchen

The people working in your kitchen have big dreams. Celebrity chef. Cookbook author. Four-star restaurateur. James Beard Award winner. Others relish the smiles and “thank-yous” of satisfied guests. While few earn elite status, it takes practice and diligence to succeed at any level, and culinary training is vital to building skills and accelerating career advancement.

Culinary school is expensive, rivaling college tuition costs. But the cost of not having a well-trained team can hurt your operation in lots of ways: low morale, high turnover, inconsistent quality and lower guest satisfaction, to name a few.

Sending staffers away for training can leave you short-staffed—not ideal at a time when cooks are in short supply. Plus, in the end, you have invested in one or two staffers who may not be able to impart their skills to the rest of the team.

Online culinary training is done individually, but it can benefit the entire team. The person taking the course earns credit or certification, but the instructional videos can be used to train a group, all in the familiar surroundings of their work environment. The skills they learn today get reinforced right away, creating a strong foundation for them and your business.

Gordon Food Service has partnered with Rouxbe, a professional online culinary training program. With programs for individual learners, the instruction directly benefits your kitchen. The program includes basic to advanced culinary training, which includes topics ranging from safety to cooking techniques to plating methods. It’s a digital school with real-world practicality, including certifications and industry accreditation that advance the careers of your cooks at the same time it upgrades your team’s skills and service. 

Work with your Gordon Food Service Sales Representative to learn more about how professional culinary training can benefit your business.

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