Cashing in on Coffee in Education

You could have profits pouring in by starting a coffee program in your school.

Are students arriving at school with coffee from the shop down the street? They could be buying their morning brew from your foodservice program. Launching a coffee shop can be a profitable part of your operation and a way for students to socialize in a safe place before school, between classes, at lunch or after school. It has worked at a number of schools already, and the numbers show it could be a popular moneymaker.

Sip on this

Need data to sell this opportunity to your school’s administration? Here are some useful figures:

K-12 Coffee Program Infographic

Setting up a coffee shop

Here’s your checklist for creating a successful coffee program in your school.

Checklist for starting a school coffee program

We’re here to help

Ask your Sales Representative about the products and services we offer to help you get a coffee program up and running in your school.

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