Behind the Table: Chef Zane Makky


Executive Chef Zane Makky is clear about his goal for Brome Modern Eatery

“We want to grow to 10 locations in the next five years.”

Chef Zane’s ambition comes from a passion for serving inclusive, creative, and delicious food—something Brome has mastered in downtown Detroit.  

Brome’s first location started just west of Detroit in Dearborn, Michigan. Chef Zane led the move downtown where they opened up a juice bar alongside their restaurant, which serves burgers, salads, shakes, and sides.

“Opening location two was a million times easier than location one.”

Chef Zane credits this to learning from their loyal customer base and understanding the tools needed to grow successfully. By mastering their recipes, staffing, and workspace, the downtown location has allowed Brome to serve more customers at a faster rate. 

Because Brome’s creations are organic and made from scratch, it can be challenging to keep consistency across their two restaurants. But this also helps their operation stand-out and provide options for any kind of diet or preference. 

“[The menu] is our unique thing; it’s not something that anyone else can do,” Chef Zane said. “We try to captivate every type of audience.” 

With Chef Zane at the helm, Brome Modern Eatery has created a welcoming space and menu that can serve customer preferences at the highest quality. Don’t be surprised if you see a location coming soon near you. 

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